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The National Institute of Building Sciences established this new Online Academy to provide members of the building industry with continuing education opportunities relating to the latest technologies being developed within the Institute's programs and projects. The educational courses and training seminars offered through the Building Sciences Online Academy are created by members of the Institute who are industry leaders and experts in building sciences. Take advantage of these courses delivered directly from the developers who initiated the cutting-edge tools. Increase your industry knowledge and skills while earning continuing education (CE) credits from professional organizations.

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Introduction to Construction Operations Building information exchange (COBie)
Historically, information transmittals for a building under construction have been done on paper and therefore a significant portion of the information is lost once the building is completed. The Construction Operations Building information exchange (COBie) keeps this information in a usable format for everyone to access throughout the building's life cycle. This course provides the basis for implementing a strong COBie strategy for any organization. Learn more.

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